Our local suppliers

We draw our inspiration from the neighbouring botanical gardens, this is where our biophilic design comes from. At SERRA we do things naturally and we like to look after our planet as much as we can by offering a healthy and authentic cuisine made from seasonal ingredients from our local partners.

Our partners are so local, we know them by their names! And yet, their concepts, movements, and quality are not only local phenomena.

Learn more about each of our partners and what makes them so special!


Cycle farm focuses on agricultural practices that respect the soil and living beings. It’s an urban farm south of Brussels that brings together 3 market gardeners and 3 models growing in Linkebeek. Since 2015, they have been carefully growing vegetables and flowers together, which they distribute locally. With them, we do our best to source as many seasonal vegetables as possible.

Location: Brussels, Belgium (Anderlecht)

Organic: Yes

What we buy: Fruits and vegetables

Fun fact: Each beginning of year, our Chef Etienne Mahieu, creates a “farming plan” with David, farmer at Cycle Farm! Throughout the year, David informs Etienne about the seasonal vegetables and fruits for each month, letting us plan ahead and work with organic products, coming from Brussels directly. At the moment, 50% of our vegetables and fruits come from Cycle Farm!


The mission of the BIGH project is to create a network of sustainable aquaponic urban farms in major European cities. Known for its innovative infrastructure and technologies, their first pilot farm in Brussels uses a state-of-the-art aquaponics system where fish, fruit, vegetables, and herbs grow in a zero-waste closed circuit. Bigh recently took over Urbi Leaf, which also happened to be our partner, which produced around 20 varieties of super nutritious microgreens.

Location: Brussels, Belgium (Anderlecht, 4.4 km away)

Organic: Yes

What we buy: Salmon trout + Microgreens

Fun fact: We had the pleasure to visit the BIGH Brussels with 8 colleagues! A glimpse of the rooftop garden, greenhouses and the fish farm gave us a deeper understanding of the growing fruits and vegetables and herbs in a sustainable manner. Most importantly, it has also brought out an awareness that nothing goes to waste and unused resources can help to create something new and amazing.


Xavier Renotte, with his wife and father, runs this family-run cooperative specialised of honey and its derivatives. Nectar&Co operates in different environments, each offering a honey with unique flavours. The honey from urban hives is floral, while that from the forest is sweet, almost like a syrup. At SERRA, we serve honey according to season and harvest, offering an authentic and varied culinary experience. Nectar & Co is firmly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities as much as possible, by implementing specific measures in the most crucial stages of its process. These include reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, and recycling packaging.

Location: Near Namur, Belgium (67.5 km away)

Organic: Yes

What we buy: Honey, caramel spread

Fun fact: Xavier was 12 years old when he got his own beehives!


An organic wine for more local and direct distribution, this Brussels-based winery only distributes their wines in Belgium and mostly in Brussels, favouring soft mobility. Gudule proposes original blends using our own oenological creativity. Since 2022 we've been working alongside them and have created a special wine in collaboration with Gudule x Serra, called "Afterworks en terrasse" (white) and "Le Retour du Marché" (red). You can enjoy them only at SERRA!

Location: Brussels, Belgium (Ixelles, 3.2 km away)

Organic: Yes

What we buy: Wines

Fun fact: Thierry Lejeune, a passionate landless winegrower, decided to bring the grapes in bunches and make an urban and sustainable production to create Brussels’ first wine dedicated to its patron saint, Gudule.


TLANT believes not only in starting every day with an impact, but also creating impact everyday! They strive run our business as sustainably as possible. We chose them as one of our partner because of their healthy breakfast approach – sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and 100% organic goodness.

Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, Holland (151 km away)

Organic: Yes (+ gluten-free and lactose-free)

What we buy: All types of jam (in bulk), Granola

Fun fact: Their Granola Cracker packaging is bio-degradable and takes six weeks to dissolve completely after throwing it in with compost. Meanwhile, their Funky Fruit Mash jam saves perfectly fine fruit from going to waste, and is produced at a Dutch care farm called ‘de Laarhoeve’ where people with special needs are empowered to work in a way that suits them!


Vajra is a wholesaler dedicated exclusively to selling organic products and encouraging green eating. Their main objective is also to reduce plastic waste by working with suppliers who favour bulk packaging. Vajra indicates the origin of each product, enabling total transparency. They offer over 5,000 products, fresh and dried, all carefully selected and tested, and their ingredients arrive in thin paper bags (5kg to 12kg), then transferred to reusable boxes. The main objective is to go towards 100% bulk in the future to reduce small plastic pots! They also have their own brand, 'Origami', which offers over 200 dry products, all packaged in their very own workshop with 100% recyclable packaging!

Location: Nivelles, Belgium (48.3 km away)

Organic: Yes

What we buy: Granola, Almonds, Dried apricot and cranberry, Fruits secs

Fun fact: The name Vajra is inspired from Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy: its ethics, its inner search and its way of living in harmony with the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether).


La Petite Vache has a wide selection of Belgian cheeses, carefully chosen for their quality and variety. Cheeses made from cow's, goat's or sheep's milk, with different types, textures and flavours, and accompanied by a range of fine charcuterie and carefully selected wines. Committed to quality and authenticity, the team meticulously tastes each product and its origin is carefully verified. The products are selected with lots of love and made with passion and respect for the terroir from which they come!

Location: Brussels, Belgium (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, 1.5 km away)

Organic: Yes, Biodynamic

What we buy: Cheese (Plaisir du berger, Aurélie, Cru des fagnes, Pas de rouge, Fleur de chèvre, Grevenbroeker, Valèt)

Fun fact: La Petite vache is one of the oldest cheese dairies in Brussels! It was founded in 1913, with "Laiterie de l'Aigle", when Léopold-Charles and Louise Uyttendaele opened a Crémerie-Epicerie on rue Malibran in Ixelles. In 1934, they moved to Saint-Josse and took the name of today's La Petite Vache, which has since been run by three generations of Uyttendaele family enthusiasts.

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