NEIGHBOURHOOD WEDNESDAYS by Sench | SERRA – Garden Kitchen + Urban Picnic

august 2023

30aug18:0021:00NEIGHBOURHOOD WEDNESDAYS by Sench


(Wednesday) 18:00 - 21:00

Event Details

Exclusive Neighbourhood Wednesdays by Sench, The Conscious Community.

As summer bids its gentle farewell and a positive aura ushers in the back-to-school season, Serra Brussels proudly presents a special edition of Neighbourhood Wednesdays by Sench, The Conscious Community. This event offers a heartwarming gathering that celebrates the lively spirit of Brussels and the fundamental values of sustainable living.

In harmony with Sench, we both hold the belief that nurturing the connection between consumers and ecopreneurs, embracing responsible consumption, and fostering conscious production collectively pave the way for a better world.

Step into our lush haven, adorned with verdant beauty, where delightful cuisine and mindful craftsmanship come together harmoniously. Immerse yourself in the essence of a more thoughtful world as we invite you to be an essential part of this impactful experience.

Discover visionary ecopreneurs reshaping norms and promoting eco-friendly lifestyles. Savor our exquisite sustainable cocktails, thoughtfully crafted by our bartender Joshua.

Join us for an evening that embraces positivity and community, leaving you inspired and refreshed.

Local ecopreneurs pop ups:

Zero waste and 100% Belgian veggie dips.

Fighting food waste & social exclusion Feeding Hungry Minds & Bodies.

Committed To Healthy And Natural Beauty.

Les Izmoor
Producing less in a more thoughtful way.

Protecting biodiversity through creativity, technology and citizen engagement.

Bel Albatros
Making beauty with your waste.

Sustainable activewear brand made from recycled fishing net.

Lucid Clothing
Honest clothing.

About Sench

Sench, The Conscious Community, is a collaborative network that enables you to make your consumption more responsible and create positive local impact by supporting ecopreneurs and promoting good products & services.

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