PARTNER - Nectar & Co | SERRA – Garden Kitchen + Urban Picnic

Not just any honey. Nectar&Co really taken the art of making honey to the next level

When are you old enough to buy your own beehives? Twelve, apparently. That’s when Xavier Renotte got his. Fast forward to today, where Xavier runs Nectar&Co with his wife and his father. A family business slash cooperative specialized in making, distributing and promoting, well, honey and honey-related products.

Nectar&Co got aparia’s in the forest, fields and right here in the city. Each producing a different kind of honey. For example, the honey from the city hives tastes more floral, while the forest honey is super sweet, almost like a syrup. The kind of honey you get at Serra depends on the season and the harvest. But whatever it is, we serve it straight from the frame, which makes it quite the experience.